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Category: Utilities
Updated: Sep 20, 2016
Version: 1.5
Size: 10.1 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Seller: Saveliy Severniy
© 2012 Saveliy Severniy

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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Alternative substitute for native Notes in iPhone - "Safe Notes".

Hide your thoughts, set a password for your Notes and don’t worry!

  • Hide your Notes with a password from others.
  • Avoid the leakage of information, passwords, and credit cards numbers in case of loss of your cellphone.
  • Record your notes, thoughts, and poems. Share single notes with others.
  • Use the restore function for any note, if you have accidentally incorrectly changed it with a foozle.
  • Adjust the font size, type, themes colors, and sounds. There are important and operational settings in the program, see the interface configuration in "Settings" section of the iPhone.
  • Archive and restore all your notes at once with a help of a desktop computer.
  • The function of double password is implemented in the notes. There is a main password and a master password. If you lose your password, you can reset the main password and restore the access with the help of Master Password.
  • There is a function of fast and complete removal of all the notes from the device.


iSafeNotes    iSafeNotes    iSafeNotes    iSafeNotes    iSafeNotes


Why did this program come out

When creating this program, I carefully approached the issue of design and functionality.
The program was not only not to yield the native notes, but to exceed them in terms of functionality.

For me, the main condition and impetus to create these notes e was the lack of native notes in the iPhone, the ability to set a password for the program and the ability to easily backup all your notes to your computer. I haven't found a perfect version among similar programs in AppStore, either free or paid. Everything is either very simple or rather nothing at all, nothing but imperfections or twists, so that you will not understand what that button means, without a glass.

And that's not all, I will listen to your wishes and will try to implement them so, that the interface remains as easy as now. If you find a bug in the program, feel free to contact me, I definitely will correct it


What is expected in the future

  • iPad version. (Implemented in 1.4)
  • The ability to create folders/categories.
  • Synchronization.
  • Desktop version.
  • Other improvements.


Help and support of iSafeNotes

Quick help is available at the address on Facebook, and at the end of this page. Send us your feedbacks and comments. Report on errors, and just take time to thank me, if you liked my program.


See, buy and evaluate iSafeNotes:

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Re: Forget my password   iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star  19-12-2016
By iSafeNotes 
Заходим в iTunes, вкладка приложения. Внизу будет список приложений с общими файлами. Выбираете приложение iSafeNotes, справа появляется список файлов. Оттуда копируете файл с заметками к себе на рабочий стол компьютера. Это будет ваша резервная копия. После этого вы можете удалить iSafeNotes и установить заново с новым паролем, а потом файл заметок с рабочего стола перетянуть обратно в iSafeNotes.
Forget my password   iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star  16-12-2016
By Nader shalodi 
Forget my password
security guarantee?   iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star iSafeNotes - Star  06-06-2014
By guido 
I have buy this apps and I'm very satisfied

Only a question:
What's the guarantee that author-apps don't violate my secret notes?
thanks all
users comment are appreciated

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